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Donna Gunter

When it comes to marketing your professional services, a book is an incredibly powerful marketing asset. The key is creating an intentional process to turn your book into more leads and paying clients so you can stop the client chase and become the obvious choice for your prospects. That's my super power.

An Evergreen Lead-Generating Book Offers More Tangible Benefits Than Any Other Media or Marketing Strategy

The best business strategies includes building a library of reliable marketing assets that don't require constant updating and maintenance.

We offer you strategic consulting to build a complete marketing system with your book:

  • The RIGHT Book to brand you as a leader and Best Selling Author.
  • The RIGHT Marketing to get your ideal clients' attention.
  • The RIGHT Message to inspire your audience to action.
  • The RIGHT Conversion Strategy to turn readers into clients, advocates, and fans.

...all with our signature , No-Strings-Attached Full Service Publishing.

Package your knowledge for partners, clients, and prospects to refer to again and again...and easily share with others.

Expand your influence and change lives by sharing your experience and your passion in an authentic way - without sounding like a salesman.

Instantly establish your credibility and expertise with the media, organizations, referral partners, clients, and prospects.

Attract media attention, speaking engagements, and even command higher fees as an authority in your niche.

Monetize your message and generate new income streams.

Leverage your time to consistently communicate a message that builds relationships, generates leads, and closes new business 24 hours a day.

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Business Owners and Leaders Trust BizSmart Media

It's not always easy to find passion and professionalism in business but Donna has shown to be both every step of the way.

From publishing my first book to strategizing my product launches, Donna and BizSmart Media have provided the catalyst to my extraordinary new business growth.

Baruch Spiegel - Educational Consultant

I would highly recommend Donna Gunter of BizSmart Media for any of your media and marketing needs. She is amazing , going above and beyond to make her clients a success.

Donna is prompt and delivers on all of her promises; as well as making herself available to communicate with whether by phone or email. She never disappoints!.

Janice Willette - Speaker

Donna provides a thorough, knowledgeable and professional service. She takes all the hassle out of publishing, delivering a higher quality end product with a lot less stress than I could ever achieve on my own.

Keith Corbett - Woodland Wellness