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There is great value in writing a book about your chosen profession. Becoming the author of such a book immediately elevates you above your competition and better positions you as the authority in your industry. This is what has happened for a number of my clients who have written their own books, all of which became Amazon Best Sellers.

However, writing a book by yourself can be a lot of work - especially if you hate writing. With our Best-Selling Authority Method, you don't have to write anything. We interview you for a one-problem, one-solution book, transcribe and edit the content from the interview, and pull everything together for your own book. This includes tweaking the content, formatting the book, designing the cover, listing it for sale through Kindle Direct Publishing on as well as through Amazon's Create Space platform for a softcover edition of your book.

Once you've got your best-selling book created,, new media and speaking opportunities begin appearing, clients are willing to pay more for your services and referrals begin coming in out of nowhere. We have been involved in helping almost 50 authors become Amazon best-sellers.

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Single Author Book

Get noticed by prospects, current clients, vendors, colleagues and the media...

Multi-Author Book

Don't think you're ready for a solo book?  Partner with us and other contributors for a multi-author book that's a breeze to do....

Kindle Best-Seller Campaign

Have you already written a book but it needs some additional attention?  Partner with us to create a Kindle Best-Seller from your book.

Author Boost Program

Released your book 6 months or more ago and not getting the traction you had hoped?  Check out our Author Boost options to get your book back in the limelight...

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