Baruch Spiegel Reaches Number One on Four Amazon Best Seller Lists with ‘Hope & Change’

Hope & Change: Building a Better Future for Our Children by Baruch Spiegel hits number one on four Amazon Category Best Seller Lists in three countries.

BizSmart Publishing congratulates Baruch Spiegel, Educational Consultant, who became an Amazon Bestselling Author with his new book, Hope & Change: Building a Better Future for Our Children. The book reached No. 1 for “Inclusive Educational Methods” and “Education Philosophy & Social Aspects of Education” in Amazon’s Kindle and Book stores. Amazon also listed the book as a Hot New Release in Special Education and Schools & Teaching.

In addition, the book ranked internationally, coming in at #1 for the “Education Theory” Kindle division on Amazon U.K. and #2 in Amazon Australia for the Kindle division in “Education Philosophy & Social Aspects of Education.”

Spiegel noted, “Seeing such a positive response to such an important message is fantastic. Reaching the bestseller list shows that the education our children receive is important to everyone and not just those involved in it. This is a great start but now comes the challenge to keep the momentum going and continue to bring in voices to this vital discussion.”

While writing Hope & Change, Spiegel found himself asking tough questions of the educational system, questions that examined the very foundation of how institutions approach what children should learn, and how that learning should be delivered. Special needs, and in particular autism, are very close to his heart, having spent the majority of his career working with children with those kinds of challenges. This working environment has redefined for him what that application of compassion and empathy looks like, and in doing so has shaped his views and beliefs regarding the direction that education should take.

Hope & Change has enabled Spiegel to begin the dialogue surrounding some of the most important issues existing within education today. An advocate for both inclusion and collaboration, Spiegel believes these changes will come from within the system itself and from the very people entrusted with the care and learning of our children.

Spiegel’s inspiration comes from the children he works with; they show him every day the meaning of perseverance and the importance of enjoying life. It is that drive to have fun while learning that he takes with him each and every day.

CEO and Founder of G.E.N.I (Global.Education.Network.Initaitve) Baruch Spiegel has worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for 15 years. During this time he has spent over 10,000 hours, across three different continents developing programs for children with autism, learning difficulties, academic deficits and problem behaviors. He has had the privilege of working with many gifted and passionate educators during this time and it has helped him understand the importance of collaborative learning, not only for children but also for the adults around them. Having spent much of his time observing the educational forum, he has seen the landscape change dramatically over the past decade. Spiegel’s goal in starting GENI is to provide another voice to that changing landscape, one that will speak of compassion rather than discrimination and integration rather than exclusion

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  • October 2, 2015