Hairdresser Mentor Rebecca Beardsley Reaches Number One on Four Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Self-Care for Hairdressers”

Self-Care for Hairdressers: How to Prevent Stress and Burnout and Step Into the Professional You Were Meant To Be by Rebecca Beardsley hits number one on four Amazon category best seller lists.

BizSmart Publishing congratulates Rebecca Beardsley, who became an Amazon International Bestselling Author with her new book, Self-Care for Hairdressers: How to Prevent Stress and Burnout and Step Into the Professional You Were Meant To Be. The book reached No. 1 in the Kindle store for Short Reads in “Health, Fitness & Dieting” and “Business & Money” as well as in “Mentoring and Coaching.” The book reached No. 1 in the Books section of Amazon in “Mentoring and Coaching” and No. 2 in “Beauty, Grooming & Style” in the Kindle Store. Amazon also listed the book as a Hot New Release in “One Hour Health, Fitness & Dieting Short Reads” as well as in “One Hour Business and Money Short Reads.”

In addition, the book ranked internationally, coming in at No. 59 for the “Beauty & Fashion” Kindle division on Amazon U.K. and No. 4 in Amazon Canada for the Kindle division in “Beauty & Fashion” and No. 29 for the Books division in “Beauty & Fashion.”

Beardsley noted, “The results of my first book launch surpassed my expectations!  This means hairdressers around the world have access to the information that can change their lives.”

Contrary to popular belief, hairdressing is a very stressful job. Hairdressers are trusted to help people with their image and help them feel better about themselves. Beardsley has met hairdressers from all over the country who work really hard, yet they have lost their way creatively or are burned out and unhappy, wondering if they should do something else to make a living. They make very little money, and they move from salon to salon, hoping the next position will be better. Hairdressers do all sorts of things to control the anxiety, depression and anger in this very demanding career choice. This book focuses on what is not taught to hairdressers in beauty school.

A native of San Francisco, Rebecca Beardsley has styled hair for over 30 years in the Bay Area. She remembers loving fashion at the age of eight, influenced by her mother and five sisters, all of whom had great style and propensity for artistic expression. Rebecca’s mother sewed matching dresses for the girls, painted her nails, and could be described as a fashionista in Hong Kong in the 40’s, where she was raised. Her sisters wore the latest fashions, styled their hair, and applied makeup. Her father’s travels all over the world by sea piqued her interest in travel, customs, dress and hairstyles of other cultures.

Beardsley integrates all the early experiences of shape, color, texture and mood with a great deal of passion while creating beauty and collaborating with other like-minded artists. She provides makeup and hair services on location for print and film.  She is owner of ShineForth Salon, is a member of the National Artistic Team, as well as a member of the Styling Council for L’Oreal Professionnel, leading and building courses in Hairdressing in New York City.  She is also a member of the Professional Beauty Association (PBA).

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  • November 23, 2015